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Back Injury Chiropractor Montclair

Back Injury Chiropractor Montclair

Back injuries can cause excruciating pain. For this, you need a licensed back injury chiropractor in Montclair to help alleviate musculoskeletal compression. Here at Cedar Pointe Chiropractic Group, we have the best Montclair back injury specialist with proven success.

Assessment for chiropractic back injury

Fundamentally, our premier chiropractic care center treating low back pain utilizes a sequence of diagnostic tests to classify your condition. At your first appointment, we usually perform these exams, which involves a physical assessment, blood work, and diagnostic imaging.

Our certified DOT examiner will conduct advanced diagnostic tests as well to rule out certain medical conditions. If we suspect anything that warrants further review and testing, we will pursue it as well.

Chiropractic treatment for back injuries

In most cases, chiropractic care for back injuries involves manual therapy, such as spinal manipulation. It is the primary technique we employ, except a patient has a diagnosed medical condition. Then, depending on the circumstances, we might recommend chiropractic care as a complementary therapy.

We often refer your case to the highest qualified specialist for review and a second opinion. Where appropriate, we can formulate a co-management treatment plan to address your back pain symptoms. With time-tested results, it’s an outcome-oriented method that can improve musculoskeletal integrity.

Back injury and chiropractic care

Are you contemplating if chiropractic care should be a routine course of your back injury treatment plan? Your candidacy is contingent on your medical health status and if you have a pre-existing condition. Back injury is a leading disability because it often impairs functional health to some extent.

With our integrative therapies, we can guarantee drug-free rehabilitation to improve the quality of life with a back injury. Our board-accredited chiropractor in Montclair will exam, diagnose, and treat you.

Back injury relief with chiropractic care

To get your back on track, we use our hands and sometimes specialized tools to apply force to realign your spine. Quite often, we incorporate stretches and rehabilitative exercises to help improve mobility. Where applicable, we will also recommend massage and other complementary therapies to optimize treatment.

The doctor providing chiropractic care in Montclair will take your medical history and diagnosis under advisement to design customized treatment. What you must know about chiropractic adjustment is that it carries zero risks if you consult a licensed practitioner. According to surveys, it is a safer alternative to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory prescription drugs.

After your procedure, you might experience mild muscle aches, soreness, or stiffness that usually dissipate within a day or two. Chiropractic manipulation rarely ever triggers complications or severe side effects.

Is back pain making life unbearable for you? Pick up the phone and call (909) 988 - 2554 to set your appointment now! Carefully planning every course of treatment, we consider several factors, including your family medical background. With well-staffed healing centers across seven locations, Cedar Pointe Chiropractic Group promises cost-efficient, timely services. Our appointment-only office visits allow us to assist patients promptly and reduce frustration. We have certified back injury chiropractor in Montclair, Riverside, Pomona, Fontana, Moreno Valley, San Bernardino, Ontario, and Corona.

Back Injury Chiropractor Montclair
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