Massage Groton Ma

Massage Groton Ma

Massage therapy is a crucial part of any wellness routine. The benefits are endless. Contact the professionals at All About The Massage today to book your appointment with one of our trained professionals. If you want the best massage in Groton, MA, come visit our team.

Benefits of massage

Massage dates back thousands of years. Written records trace the practice back to the Hindus in 3000 BC. These are some of the health benefits of massage therapy.

  • Stress reduction
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Improve circulation
  • Reduce pain
  • Improve flexibility

This list does not include every benefit. There are so many of them. But very few people get a massage and can not find any benefit to it.

Therapeutic massage versus Swedish and deep tissue massages

The classic massage that many studios offer is the Swedish version. While this massage can and does provide many health benefits, other types of massage are more beneficial. This form of massage is best for relaxation. People looking for a deeper massage opt for a deep tissue massage. This form of massage focuses on working tension out of the tissues.

A therapeutic massage brings both forms of massage together. There is the opportunity for relaxation during a therapeutic massage, but that is not the primary purpose of this style. The goal of a therapeutic massage is to relieve tension in the muscles. This focus on tension relief leads some people to confuse it with deep tissue massage. The therapeutic style does not apply the same level of pressure as a deep tissue massage, but it does use more than a Swedish. Thus, the rationale that this style feels like a blend of both methods. Our massage in Groton, MA, spa specializes in therapeutic massage.

What to do after a massage

The first thing is to drink plenty of water. This will help your body flush out any toxins that the massage stirred up. Muscles tissue can also become dehydrated during your massage. Water is crucial for replenishing them. It is also not advised to work out after your massage. A person may feel too relaxed to workout. It is also possible that you can injure yourself by working out post-massage due to the manipulation of the muscles after your massage.

Another post-massage tip is not to drink coffee. It is perfectly fine to drink coffee before your appointment. But coffee can have a detrimental effect post-massage. The product, especially the caffeine, can cause tension in the muscles your therapist just worked so hard to relieve.

How often should you get a massage?

If you are using massage to treat a chronic condition, start with a massage twice per week, and then adjust your schedule from there. You may be able to move to once per week eventually, and later every other week. For those not using this for chronic health conditions, once every couple of weeks is advisable.

Book your massage in Groton, MA, and our highly experienced team, at All About The Massage, will take you in today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Massage Groton Ma

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