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Prp Therapy Tampa

Prp Therapy Tampa

PRP therapy is a modern form of regenerative medicine that gives the body the ability to heal itself through amplifying natural growth. If you are experiencing osteoarthritis, tendon injuries, or a variety of knee, hip, shoulder, leg, or foot injuries, PRP Therapy could turn your healing time from a few months into weeks. But how does PRP therapy works, and is it safe? Let's explore this fantastic regenerative modality. 

How Does PRP Therapy Work?

The body's natural reaction is to send white blood cells and platelets to the damaged area to initiate as well as stimulate healing when you are injured. These platelets contain growth substances that are important to the healing process. PRP therapy allows us to separate the white blood cells and platelets from the patient's blood and inject it directly into the injured tissue.

To start the process, a small amount of blood is taken and placed in a centrifuge. The centrifuge automatically spins the PRP by concentrating the platelets. This process takes around 10 - 20 minutes to increases platelets' concentration and growth factors. The Platelet-Rich Plasma is injected into the injured area to stimulate the ligament or tendon in the area and initiate the healing cascade.

How Does PRP Therapy Treatment Look Like?

PRP Therapy is administered in a regular medical office without general hospital stays or prolonged recovery time. The PRP procedure only takes a few hours once your physician has determined that you are the right candidate for PRP Therapy. We recommend one to three procedures depending on the severity of the injury.

However, you may have some soreness after the injection. This signifies that the healing process is taking effect. Your doctor might consider physical therapy, medication options, and PRP therapy, depending on the severity of your injury.

What Conditions Can PRP Therapy Treat?

PRP therapy can treat several conditions. It helps speed up the healing time of injured tendons, ligaments, joints, and muscles. At B3 Medical, conditions that we treat with our PRP therapy include tendonitis victims and patients experiencing moderate arthritis symptoms. In some instances, our doctor use PRP therapy as an accelerant in the B3 Regen protocols, and B3 Knee Relief, which may increase the effectiveness of the treatments.

Is PRP Therapy Safe?

PRP Therapy is extremely safe and has no known side effects because it uses the patient's blood, and there is a low risk of disease transmission or allergic reaction. Furthermore, no foreign substances are being introduced to the body during the treatment, and complications from PRP therapy are rare.

Seek PRP Therapy at B3 Medical 

If you have arthritis or have a soft tissue injury that has not improved with conservative treatments, PRP therapy may be an option. At B3 Medical, we utilize the best and most appropriate treatments when caring for patients and aim to facilitate the healing process in the most effective manner possible. Please contact us at (813) 907-9898 to consult with one of our specialists PRP therapists in New Tampa.



Prp Therapy Tampa
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Prp Therapy Tampa
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