Red Light Therapy Newport Beach

Red Light Therapy Newport Beach

If you have been injured, and you live in Orange County, you may want to know more about various healing therapies that are available nearby. Red light therapy in Newport Beach is one such modality that many people find to be quite beneficial.

What is Red Light Therapy

Also known as Photobiomodulation, red light therapy employs low-level laser beams and light-emitting diode (LED) sources to facilitate the healing of damaged tissue while it reduces pain and inflammation. The non-invasive therapy has been shown to be safe by over 200 medical university studies that revealed no adverse side effects of red light therapy in Newport Beach.

Here at Ascent, we offer treatments via the first FDA-cleared full body photobiomodulation bed. Designed for temporary relief of pain, soreness and muscle spasms, the LightStim bed therapy we provide aids the body's natural tendency to heal itself. Increased blood flow is one benefit of this sort of red light therapy in Newport Beach.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy Newport Beach

Boosts production of Adenosine Triphosphate

Boosts production of Nitric Oxide Accelerates wound healing

Reduces bruising, swelling and inflammation

Releases natural endorphins Reduces free radical damage

Decreases fatigue caused by exercise

May boost athletic performance

May increase blood vessel formation

Color as therapy

The patented LightStim Multiwave tech works by emitting several colors, or wavelengths, of light at the same time. When red light and infrared light are emitted simultaneously, they work together to boost blood circulation and reduce the inflammation that causes sore muscles. Amazingly, none of this process involves heat. The light emitted during a LightStim therapy session is absorbed by a part of cells called the chromophore. As these cells are stimulated, some chemical and physical reactions are triggered. Healing is expedited, and the body begins to regenerate on a cellular level.

You may have heard about Newport Beach red light therapy as it pertains to facial rejuvenation. That's because two of the wavelengths utilized by therapy bed is identical to wavelengths used in LightStim aesthetic treatments. When LED is applied to facial cells, wrinkles are reduced, skin becomes less saggy, and the body's natural elastin production is increased.

Life is good in Orange County. It's even better when you look, perform and feel your very best. There's only one you, and you deserve to live an optimized life. That's why Ascent offers maximizing therapies, including red light therapy in Newport Beach. Empower yourself when you take control of your health and well being.

When you are ready to know more about Red Light Therapy in Newport Beach, contact us without hesitation. We are here to help you recover, refresh and rejuvenate. Give us a call at (949)474-4404, send us an email at [email protected], or drop 3300 Irvine Avenue by so we can talk about putting together a customized Red Light Therapy in Newport Beach regimen that addresses your specific issues and goals.

Red Light Therapy Newport Beach


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