We believe in the amazing power of regularly scheduled massage.

What do you think of when you hear the word, Wellness?

Getting enough restful sleep, healthy eating, frequent exercise? Us, too. However, we all know that when we are living with chronic pain and stress that making the choices to support our wellness becomes more difficult. This is where regularly scheduled massages can help.

We believe in and have seen the numerous benefits our clients experience when they see us for massages regularly. These benefits include dramatic reduction in chronic pain and stress, better and happier mood. Massage improves overall wellness.

With your wellness in mind, we are really excited to introduce our new Serious VIP program!

By becoming a Serious VIP you will ensure that you are getting monthly therapeutic massage with less hassle and more savings.

When you become a Serious VIP, you get…

10% OFF All Massages
10% off any regularly priced items
10% off gift cards
Exclusive Serious VIP Special Offers
You are a serious VIP if…
You recognize the benefit of serious massage, monthly
You’re busy and dream of the simplicity of having your massage already paid for when you come in the studio
You want to invest in AATM (and its mission) so we can take the best care of you
You love a good deal (who doesn’t?!)

How to Join Our Serious VIP Waitlist

Enrollment in Serious VIP is closed at this time. Join our waitlist and be the first to know when enrollment reopens again!

Any questions, email Kelley at kelley@allaboutthemassage.com.

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