Massage is great anytime but around this time of year, there are lots of warm weather specific activities that can cause more aches and pains. Here are 5 reasons why dads need serious massage!

1.) This year he is taking his golf game to the next level.

He really likes to play golf and is working hard to bring up his game. There are a lot of reasons massage can help – from improving overall range of motion in the body to get more power behind a drive to relieving sore muscles after playing 36 holes one day instead of the 18 holes he had intended!

2.) He is doing a lot of yard work.

This time of year there is so much that needs to be done around our yards and if your dad does a lot of yard work his back can tense up and cause a lot of pain. We see a lot of sore backs when a weekend project is spreading mulch!

3.) Spends as much time as possible outdoors with his kids.

Whether he is spending an afternoon helping them to work on baseball/softball skills, or taking everyone camping, outdoor activities can create sore muscles. Whether he has a sore shoulder from too many pitches or his back is tight from sleeping in a tent!

4.) He is training for a triathlon.

When he is training for an endurance sport, massage can help alleviate muscle soreness from very long training rides/runs/swims and decrease the chance of injury.

5.) This summer he is tackling home improvement projects.

Is he building a brand new patio? Is he remodeling a bathroom? Home improvement projects can create pain from repetitive motion and working long hours to complete the project.

Buy your dad a massage gift certificate today to help him alleviate his aches and pains through a serious massage!