Did you know improper ergonomics can create muscle tightness, which can lead to muscle pain? We see the impact of improper ergonomics every day at our studio. As massage therapists, we know how to alleviate the pain associated with tight muscles, but we also want you to know the ways you can minimize muscle tightness before it becomes muscle pain.

Understanding more about ergonomics can help you feel better every day!

The great news is with knowledge and awareness about proper body mechanics, you can make small adjustments that will make big improvements in how your body feels.

Are you wondering about how your desk setup is helping or not helping muscle tightness and pain? Here are some questions and suggestions we have for you!

Work primarily on a laptop?
Consider getting an external monitor to bring your eyes up and not be constantly looking down at the laptop monitor. Another option is getting an external keyboard with a laptop stand. In our studio, our second computer is a laptop with an external keyboard and laptop stand.

Have more than one monitor at your desk?
If you have more than one monitor, please sit directly in front of your primary monitor. For example, if your keyboard is directly in front of you (great), but the monitor you look at the most is sitting towards your left shoulder, then that is improper ergonomics.

Lose track of time while working on a project?
You have a deadline, and before you know it – 3 hours have passed, and you haven’t moved from your seat. It happens, but please understand that your body has been stuck in one position for 3 hours. Simply taking a 3-5 minute movement break every hour throughout the workday is really helpful.

To learn more about setting up proper ergonomics, check with your workplace for resources. Also, we have included a link to a great article from the Mayo Clinic about setting up proper ergonomics.

Wondering what other adjustments you can make at your desk to have less overall muscle tension and pain? Ask your massage therapist next time you are here!