What role can massage therapy play in the back pain and discomfort caused by scoliosis?

Scoliosis can cause consistent back pain and discomfort. As a massage studio specializing in pain management, we see daily the benefits of massage for pain management in our scoliosis clients.

Massage therapy does not treat scoliosis, but massage therapy effectively alleviates the pain caused by tight muscles.

So, in addition to alleviating pain, other benefits of massage for scoliosis include better quality sleep and increased body-mind connection.

What types of massage are most beneficial for alleviating the muscle pain of scoliosis? While most quality massage will help reduce pain, the most effective is myofascial massage in combination with deep tissue work.

Myofascial massage works more with the connective tissue surrounding the muscles, and deep tissue massage releases stuck areas (aka knots).

There is a misconception that deep tissue massage must be painful to be effective when the opposite is true. Pain management massage aims not to create pain but to create space for the body to realign itself into a more optimal position.

How do you know if massage therapy is right for you when managing the pain and discomfort caused by scoliosis? First, check with your medical team to ensure they believe massage is beneficial in your specific case. This is especially important if you have had surgery for your scoliosis, as your massage therapist needs to be aware of any particular contraindications.

Massage therapy can be an excellent addition to your scoliosis pain management team.

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