When Deb walked into our office that day, her first words were “I am so glad that I already had this massage booked for today!” Deb, like many of our clients, comes in for massage on a regular basis for overall wellness and to address the occasional tightness that can come with putting in a lot of time in front of the computer. Today was different. Today, Deb was in pain.

It had started early that day when she went to pick up a sock off the floor and suddenly experienced a low back muscle spasm. The kind of spasm that takes your breath away. The back pain was intense but manageable when she came in for her massage.

Before we started, I asked some questions to help me understand what might have triggered the spasm and also to help me to customize the best massage for pain relief. Deb was understandably concerned that working on the spasm would make the pain worse. I assured her that most of the massage would be focused on loosening other muscles that were contributing to the spasm and not the area that was in pain.

Afterwards, Deb was amazed and relieved that the pain was gone! She said it was like magic! We finished the massage by going over some simple stretches for her back so that a sock on the floor would not ruin another day!