Getting a massage is something people look forward to all week. Getting a massage for the first time though, might make some people slightly nervous. Here are some answers to common questions about getting your first massage. Our goal is to have all out client leave totally loving massages and excited to return for our VIP program. If you are familiar with the wonderful benefits of massage, you might pick up a few pointers too!

Undressing isn’t required

The most common question that arises with many first time clients and makes them slightly reluctant towards massages is the question of ‘What clothes do I need to remove?’. The answer truly is whatever you would prefer. Prefer to wear a T-Shirt and Shorts? Great! Prefer to leave on your underwear? Great! Prefer to remove all clothing? Great! After you and your massage therapist talk about the areas you want them to focus on (lower back, neck, relaxation) your therapist will leave the room while you undress to your comfort level. Regardless of what you leave on, or not, you are covered the entire massage by a sheet and blanket and your massage therapist will only undrape the area that they are working on.

Hydration Enhances the Massage Experience

Let’s face it, hydration is important for everything. Being hydrated can also increase the overall benefits of massage. When you are properly hydrated, your muscles are more receptive to the pressure of massage which makes your massage therapist’s work even more effective. Also, properly hydrated muscles are less sore after a massage which is a bonus!

Work-Out Before Getting a Massage

We recommend working out before a massage. Massage after a difficult workout can really help reduce the soreness that can come with weight training. If you choose to workout after a massage, we suggest waiting at least several hours and keep it a light workout for that day.

Showering Can Improve Your Massage Experience

It’s true, heat helps with massage. If you can, a long hot shower before you come in for your massage will prepare you and your muscles for the wonderful relaxation component of massage.

Have Your Massage Goal in Mind

While your massage therapist will be able to find muscles that need work, they need you to tell them the goal of your massage. Are you looking to be completely relaxed after your massage? Let your massage therapist know. Do you want to focus on relieving the constant pain in your neck and shoulders? Let your massage therapist know. Once your massage therapist knows what you are looking for in your massage, they will design the massage to meet your goals.

Do Not Get a Massage on a Full Stomach

It is ideal to eat lightly before your massage. You don’t want to be distracted by being too hungry or be distracted by being too full during your massage.

Be Vocal if You’re Not Enjoying the Massage

We specialize in Therapeutic Massage which can get quite deep at times. Deep pressure in a massage should not be really painful, however there might be instances when you will feel that the pressure is too concentrated (i.e. you are holding your breath!) or too distracting and it is so important to tell your massage therapist.

Remember You Have Control of the Massage

If you are new to massage, please know that there are no silly questions. We want you to be comfortable and it is better to ask questions than to be uncomfortable. We offer therapeutic, prenatal, Himalayan Salt Stone, Corporate Chair massages for our clients. We are always honored at All About the Massage to introduce massage to someone who has not yet experienced the relaxing and pain relieving world of massage.