Yes, we are known for our serious pain-management massage but did you know that we also offer serious prenatal massage?

Prenatal Massage offers many amazing benefits for expecting moms and their babies, such as:

  • reducing anxiety
  • decreasing symptoms of depression
  • relieving muscle aches and joint pains
  • improving labor outcomes and newborn health.

Here is a link to a great article from the American Pregnancy Association that outlines the many benefits of prenatal massage.

There are many important decisions to make when choosing a prenatal massage therapist. Some questions you will want to ask…

  • What is their experience and training?
  • Is the prenatal massage offered in a side-lying or face-down position?
  • What special equipment does the massage facility/studio offer to ensure the best overall experience?

Our massage therapists, Lindy and Colleen, have the training and experience to provide an exceptional prenatal massage experience. We offer prenatal massage with side-lying, face-up and face-down positioning. We have special bolstering that allows our client to be safely positioned on the table for their optimal comfort.

Our treatment rooms are equipped with hydraulic-lift massage tables. These table are extremely comfortable and the adjustable height makes getting on and off the table very easy. Our office is conveniently located on Route 110 in Westford and we have plenty of parking very close to our front door!

Prenatal Massage makes a great every day gift for mom and baby. Make this Mother’s Day extra special with a gift certificate. Click here to purchase a gift of well-being!

Happy Mother’s Day!