You know those weighted pillows we use during your serious massages?

We proudly sell them and they are our most popular item!!

We have many stories from our clients on how they look forward to using their Mother Earth Pillow at the end of the day. Recently, one of our clients purchased a shoulder trigger point pillow for their husband because every time she went to use her pillow it was already on her husband’s shoulders! (this happens a lot!)

What makes the shoulder trigger point pillow so effective in relieving neck and shoulder tension is the weight of these pillows. The largest pillow weighs 5 lbs and it is the weight that gently reminds your shoulders to move away from your ears after a long and stressful day.

We have used Mother Earth Pillows since we had the great fortune to meet the Karen Kowal, who founded the company, at a massage trade show in 2010. She has a great passion for what she created and how it can help so many people live with less pain.

The scoop on the Mother Earth Pillows:

  • Can be used for Hot or Cold therapy
  • Reduces pain-chronic or acute
  • Promotes and engages individuals in the concepts and benefits of self-care
  • Use post personal injury or rehabilitation
  • Relieve stress and encourages relaxation
  • Relieves pain in the workplace, travel and home
  • 100% natural AND USA made product

These pillows make great gifts. Giving a Mother Earth Pillow is like giving a warm hug!

We sell them in 3 sizes:

  • Small $45
  • Large $52
  • Extra Large $58

Pick up one after your next massage or call us at 978-392-0000 to arrange a time to stop by and pick one up!