When it is around Valentine’s Day, we get a lot of calls and requests to book Couples Massage and we explain that we don’t offer the traditional couples massage they are looking to book.

What we do offer, however, is the ability to book two massage appointments at the same time, with two massage therapists, in two separate rooms.

Why don’t we offer Couples Massage?

The biggest reason we don’t offer Couples Massage is it doesn’t allow us to fully focus on our client. We specialize in therapeutic massage and the massage therapist needs the space to focus on their work while addressing each client’s concerns and massage goals. When there is another massage going on in the same room it is really distracting!

Our clients who have had traditional couples massage prefer our couples massage/couple o’ rooms massage solution. Honestly, there are so few times when you get to focus on you and how your body is feeling – that’s the opportunity that massage therapy provides. When you share a massage room with your significant other it can be really distracting for the both of you as well. An example is that you like to be really quiet during your massage and your SO really likes to chat – not so relaxing…or someone starts snoring(it happens a lot)!

We think traditional couples massage can be fun but with our focus on therapeutic massage – we have simply decided that couples massage just isn’t for us.

If you want to try a ‘new’ Couples Massage experience, give us a call or email us to book!